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Welcome to the Gele Loods Visitor Centre

Your entry way into Naarden Vesting

Welcome to Naarden Vesting’s new Visitor Centre De Gele Loods (The Yellow Shed).

Naarden Vesting is one of the best-preserved star fortresses in Europe and unique in the Netherlands. Built in the 17th century to protect the all-important province of Holland and the wealthy city of Amsterdam, the fortress has been continually rebuilt, extended and adapted to keep pace with the changing demands of warfare. As always, water played a pivotal role in securing Holland’s borders. Visit De Gele Loods to discover how it all worked.

Visitor Welcome Centre

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Discover our beautiful town

Naarden Vesting is home to all kinds of events and activities with plenty to keep you entertained all year round. Read our What’s On guide to find out about the latest events, and enjoy!


Learn all about Naarden and the Dutch Water Defence Lines


Join a boat tour around the moats


Explore Naarden Vesting and surrounding countryside by bike


Take a walk along and under the fortress walls

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We are constantly updating content to keep you posted about what’s happening in Naarden Vesting. You can read the very latest news and information here:
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